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Aphrodisiac Powder

Pure Herbal medicinal Powder, which not only provides quickly hard erection prolong ejaculation time but also treats Erectile Dysfunction, . This is completely safe in all manners.. A perfect remedy for Diabetes patients.to enjoy sex safely.
Properties at a glance :
.- Quickly supports a healthy male reproductive system , provides strong erection and maintain for longer time.
.- Cures to Male Impotence, provides amazing improvement in erection and girth of Penis. Improves Erectile dysfunction and stamina.
.- Controls Premature Ejaculation
.- Balanced blending of selected herbs stimulates oxygen to genital organs to stimulate energy levels to optimal hormonal balance.
.- Supports healthy Back and Joints.
.- Support healthy cholesterol levels and antioxidant properties
.- The high level of Iron in this supplement helps stimulate Red Blood Cell production. It controls Blood Sugar Levels and improved glucose tolerance and Insulin regulation. .
Dosage: One gram One hour before intimate time ( Intake preferably with milk)

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